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Here is a selection of links to websites of festivals and artist friends that I am hooked up with. Enjoy!

Indieflix - connecting people through movies
realeyz.tv - films like you - online cinema, blog, communitiy

Pan African Film & Arts Festival » http://www.paff.org/

Brother Rashid is an architect

Sister Asya is a singer & song writer

Homeboy Chip Thomas is a photographer & doctor

Homegirl Zari Harat is a painter & graphic designer

Homegirl Shehla Khan is a photographer & IT specialist

Homeboy Raimund von Scheibner is a sound designer & sound mixer

Homeboy Nigel Asher is a musician & composer

Homeboy Arenor Anuku is a musician & composer

Homeboy Zubin Zainal is a composer & painter

Homeboy Dado Dzhian is a film composer & musician

Homeboy Gerrit Haaland is a director & skipper

Homegirl Evelyn Bremer is an editor & associate producer

Homegirl Sumi Somaskanda is a journalist

Homeboy Atif Ghani is a producer

Homeboy Dave Fennoy is a voice over artist

Hombeboy Roman Gabriel is director & photographer

Homeboy Mobolaji Olambiwonnu is a designer

Homeboy Dr. Clarence Lusane is an academic