GO-BAMA between Hope & Dreams


“Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Abernathy at the Berlin Wall” (September 13, 1964) courtesy of Landesarchiv Berlin
(I lived on the right side of that street (Oderberger) during my student days between 1985 and 1988.)


Director & Writer Satti
A. Rahman Satti was born in East Germany to a German pharmacist and Sudanese doctor in 1965.

He grew up in various small towns and started acting on stage during his high school years.
After compulsory military service, he studied acting at the National Film School in Potsdam (East Germany) in 1986.

In 1987, he became disillusioned by totalitarian rule and a mass exodus of his artist friends to the West. He left East Berlin shortly before the Berlin wall crumbled in 1989.

After a brief time as an actor in Amsterdam, he returned to Berlin and worked in the fringe theater scene in 1992. During this time he travelled extensively and visited his overseas family in Africa and England.
The passion for travel led him to work as an assistant on a variety of independent documentaries produced by migrant organizations in London and Paris.

Inspired by new black independent film makers, Satti moved to London to study film in 1996. He received his film degree from the London Institute (University of Arts) in 2000.
Returning to Berlin he wrote his first feature script with financial support from the UK Film Council and SOURCES 2.
After a pitch at the Nordmedia Script Lab, he signed an option deal to write his first feature film “In The Mix” for Lichtblick Film GmbH from Cologne in 2004.

Satti was part of the first Talent Campus at the Berlinale film festival in 2003 and instrumental in new media education for the African Diaspora in Germany.

Satti works as a freelance writer and multi-media producer.
He is passionate about stories that transform peopleʼs lives and serve as inspiration for personal growth.

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2009 GO-BAMA between Hope & Dreams (80') Documentary, Satti&Satti Ltd., Berlin
2007 In The Mix (90') - Screen Writer, Road movie Lichtblick Film & TV GmbH, Cologne
2006 Global Citizenship (20') - DVD Inserts for Redaktion & Alltag, Berlin
2004/05 Black Atlantic (100') - Exhibition DVD for House of World Cultures, Berlin
2003 Brothers Keepers Go East (26') - Documentary for cyberNomads, Berlin
2002 So Far - So Good (10') - Teaser for Feature, Panthertainment GmbH, Cologne
2000 The Prayer Beads (10') - Dramatic short, University of Arts, (LCP) London